What is the difference between Atlantic cod and cod and silver cod?

The difference between Atlantic cod and true cod and silver cod is: different orders, different distribution, and different living habits.

1. The outline is different

1. Atlantic cod: radial finned fish, cod-shaped cod family

2. True cod: bony fish, cod-shaped cod, cod family

3. Silver cod: radial fin fish, redfish-shaped, black redfish family

2. Different distribution

1. Atlantic cod: it is mainly distributed in the northeast and northwest waters of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in the Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctic waters.

2. Cod: mainly distributed in the North Pacific region: Northern California to Japan; North Atlantic region: Russia to the northeast of the United States.

3. Silver cod: it is produced on both sides of the North Pacific Ocean and the south side of the Atlantic Ocean, including: Chile, Argentina, northern Japan, the Bering Sea coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Alaska, California and other waters.


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